Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition.

Return to Activity Guidelines

AIA Policies & Procedures Manual

Foundation & Basis for Policies & Procedures
Fiscal Accountability
What is Athletic Director Accountable For?
Fiscal In-Service Notice of On Line Course
Finance & Operation Team Contact Info
Annotated Web Page


Committees - Conference, Appointments, Qualifications
Committee Nomination Form
Conflict of Interest - Policy
Conflict of Interest - Form
Expense Reimbursement Policy
AIA Universal Reimbursement Form
Travel Reimbursement Policy
ADA Compliance
Whistle Blower Policy


Annual Membership Letter
Invoicing Schedule
Service Charge Grid
Admin Service Charge Display
Article 9 - Finances


Part I- AIA Admin 
RefPay / ArbiterPay - Funding & Invoice Process
RefPay AIA Dashboard Display
RefPay Insufficient Funds Service Charge Notice
AZ Attorney General's Office RefPay Approval

Part II - Access
RefPay / ArbiterPay Log In & Password Reset
How to Retrieve RefPay Data - Report Sequence 
Are you a New AD or Veteran AD to New School?

Tournament Hosting Procedures

PRE-Event Process

Tournament Pricing and Information
Contracts, Sponsorships, Programs, Concessions
Unmanned Aerial Systems
AIA Passes & Media Credentials
Anyone Can Save A Life Policy
Go Fan Digital Ticketing Redemption 
Ticket Distribution/Ticket Sales/Unused Tickets
Sample Ticket Packing Slip
Budget Process 



Emergency Action Plan
AIA Pass Sign-in Sheet
AIA Approved Media for Pass Gates
Start Up Funds Request Form
W-9 required for NEW Police Officers


GoFan Instructions and Redemption:

GoFan Purchase & Redemption INSTRUCTIONS
GoFan Purchase Screen Shot Sequence 
GoFan Redemption Screen Shot


POST-Event Process

TIER - Tournament Income Expense Report - Process
TIER - Tournament Income Expense Report - Summary Check List
Deposit Slip & QBD Instructions
Employee Compensation Charts



AIA Deposit Slip


2021-22 QMP Protocol
AT-QMP Reminder Notice
Athletic Trainer Recruitment Flyer

Tournament Employees

Tournament Employee Hiring Process
I-9 Acceptable Documents List
FAQ - Tournament Employees


Employee Forms - I-9, W-4, A-4- All 4 pages must be submitted for all new employees
Change of Address