Recommended Guidelines for Return to Activity

AIA's Executive Board has endorsed guidelines for the return to sport and activity for competition in the winter.

Return to Activity Guidelines Spring Sport Modifications

AIA Policies & Procedures Manual

Foundation & Basis for Policies & Procedures
Fiscal Accountability
What is Athletic Director Accountable For?
Fiscal In-Service Notice of On Line Course
Finance & Operation Team Contact Info
Annotated Web Page


Committees - Conference, Appointments, Qualifications
Committee Nomination Form
Conflict of Interest - Policy
Conflict of Interest - Form
Expense Reimbursement Policy
AIA Universal Reimbursement Form
Travel Reimbursement Policy
ADA Compliance
Whistle Blower Policy


Annual Membership Letter
Invoicing Schedule
Service Charge Grid
Admin Service Charge Display
Article 9 - Finances


Part I- AIA Admin 
RefPay / ArbiterPay - Funding & Invoice Process
RefPay AIA Dashboard Display
AZ Attorney General's Office RefPay Approval

Part II - Access
RefPay / ArbiterPay Log In & Password Reset
How to Retrieve RefPay Data - Report Sequence 

Tournament Hosting Procedures

PRE-Event Process

Tournament Pricing and Information
Contracts, Sponsorships, Programs, Concessions
Unmanned Aerial Systems
AIA Passes & Media Credentials
Anyone Can Save A Life Policy
Go Fan Digital Ticketing Redemption 
Ticket Distribution/Ticket Sales/Unused Tickets
Sample Ticket Packing Slip
Budget Process 



Emergency Action Plan
AIA Pass Sign-in Sheet
AIA Approved Media for Pass Gates
Start Up Funds Request Form
W-9 required for NEW Police Officers


POST-Event Process

TIER - Tournament Income Expense Report - Process
TIER - Tournament Income Expense Report - Summary Check List
Deposit Slip & QBD Instructions
Employee Compensation Charts



AIA Deposit Slip


2020-21 QMP Protocol
AT-QMP Reminder Notice
Athletic Trainer Recruitment Flyer

Tournament Employees

Tournament Employee Hiring Process
I-9 Acceptable Documents List
FAQ - Tournament Employees


Employee Forms - I-9, W-4, A-4- All 4 pages must be submitted for all new employees
Change of Address